Dear Taurus,

What I love about you is your ‘Don’t mess with me’ attitude. You simply have no tolerance for stupidity. The beauty of it all is you don’t even need to talk. Your presence alone commands attention and respect. Superficiality kills you. Taurus individuals are authentic, straight shooters and trustworthy. Your friends are lucky to have you around, as you always have their back. Did I mention your sexiness? How can I forget, it’s such an obvious part of who you are. You also have refine taste in regards to food, wine and sexual partners. Meow.

Trending for you in 2012; your self-confidence will be soaring to new heights. A more purposeful life is in the works. Be prepared for epiphanies popping left and right.
What to watch out for; your weight! It’s going to be real easy for you to put on extra pounds. Investing in a gym membership wouldn’t be a bad idea!
Biggest surprise of the year; your written words will create quite a ruckus. Always take a few seconds before clicking on send or share!

Wishing you a fabulous 2012!

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