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Dear Pisces,

When I think of you, I think of what a fantastic friend you are. You have a knack for connecting with a wide range of people. Passing judgement on others is definitely not your style. You are a lover not a hater. Compassionate and understanding describes you well also. We definitely need more Pisces on this planet! You adapt quickly to stressful circumstances. You flow with the current and rarely worry about events out of your control. Your intuition is strong and a precious guide in your life. Even though you may come across as a flower child, deep down you have the potential to be tough as nails. Your big heart makes you always of service to others. Be careful with that one though, as your open embrace may invite undesirable people.

Trending for you in 2012; your communicating skills are on fire. As a result your daily life -your routine- is greatly enhanced. By clearly expressing your needs, you’re doing yourself and everyone else a huge favour.
What to watch out for; annoying nit-picking towards your lover. May I suggest simply backing off and choosing your battles.
Biggest surprise of the year; major clean-up within your circle of friends! You simply have no time for negative people in your life. Adios so-called amigos! Good riddance.

Wishing you an inspiring 2012!

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