Dear Libra;

What’s not to love, you’re all about beauty, harmony and joy. You are the Zodiac’s social butterfly. Friendships and amorous relationships are very important to you. Libra individuals are artistic and creative. You are an excellent peace maker and by the same token why not add love maker also. You go the extra mile in regards to your appearance and the same philosophy applies to your lover also. How he or she presents themselves to the world is of great importance to you. Let it be known, under your gentle exterior – Bambi comes to mind – lurks a serious predator. Libras do not suffer fools lightly. You stand up for yourself and refuse to be anyone’s doormat. Love it!

Trending for you in 2012; A growing curiosity towards mystical and spiritual matters. An overseas trip might be in the works.
What to watch out for; Doubts and insecurities towards self. Stop thinking. Just do it.
Biggest surprise of the year; Give me shelter! You’re moving or major home renovations are in the works. Regardless, what you call home will be completely transformed. Hip hip hurray!

Wishing you a fantastic 2012!

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