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Dear Leo,

You are the shining star of the Zodiac! Brazen, charismatic and the eternal optimist, you charm the socks off everyone you meet. Your self-confidence and passion attract people in droves. Soon you will need security detail to fend off overzealous fans ☺ Your love for life is contagious. Leos are hot and they know it, which more often than not becomes problematic. You’re obviously fun to be around but even your best friends have their limits. Talking about yourself 24/7 is simply disrespectful and rude. Let loved ones take center stage from time to time. Appreciate them for who they are and take specific actions to let them know how much you care about them.

Trending for you in 2012; Your career is taking off like wild fire! Let it be known, once the match is lit, there’s no looking back.
What to watch out for; Your sexual relationship(s). Please take off your steamed up glasses, as you might get stabbed in the back when you least expect it.
Biggest surprise of the year; Like it or not, you will start a revolution in your workplace. The spirit of Che Guevara is swirling around you!

Wishing you a spectacular 2012!

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