Dear Gemini,

You’re crazy smart, funny and witty. Not a bad start, eh? Let’s continue. Your mind is always on overdrive. Challenging your intellectual abilities is important to you. You are the perfect Jeopardy contestant. You have excellent communication skills. You are definitely a busy bee Gemini, always several projects on the go. Because you accomplish so much –with glowing success I must add- your colleagues and friends feel like they just don’t measure up to your standards. Hence, they prefer not hanging out with you to avoid feeling like losers. Please be considerate and supportive of other people’s feelings. Trust me; a compliment here and there does wonders.

Trending for you in 2012; having the guts to address emotional issues and presenting a more authentic self to the world!
What to watch out for; jealous people will attempt to railroad your career. Be vigilant.
Biggest surprise of the year; new friendships with off-the- wall characters. Wild and wacky times are right around the corner.

Wishing you a spectacular 2012!

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