Dear Cancer,

What I admire about you is your capacity to Love and thus, regardless of how many times you’ve been hurt in the past. Your reservoir is never full. There’s always room to care for one more animal, human or project. You genuinely care about others, a remarkable feat in itself. Your openness and warmth make you a very attractive and sought out person. Being so popular does come with drawbacks though, as you sometimes wear yourself dangerously thin. Your intuition is strong, it will always guide you to what is right for you.

Trending for you in 2012; Golden opportunities are presented via a new network of associates and friends. Set fear aside and go for it!
What to watch out for; Untrustworthy people will show up in your travels. Don’t let your guard down.
Biggest surprise of the year; If you’re not satisfied with your love relationship, you’re simply going to call it quits. Enough discontent already. Life is short, let’s move on.

Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

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