Dear Aries,

I am so envious of you! You are the ultimate go-getter of the Zodiac. You are the human reincarnation of the Energizer Bunny. Coupled with your abundance of vim is soaring self-esteem. A definite recipe for success! You’re a disciplined person who accomplishes set goals with ease. Challenges and obstacles stimulate you to reach new heights. On the flip side, your confidence sometimes comes across as arrogance. Your Ego is on the large size, so don’t be surprized if you rub people the wrong way. Putting others first goes a long way.

Trending for you in 2012; your personal finances are on the up and up. Your cash flow is going to increase significantly. Dream purchases are likely to become a reality.
What to watch out for; doubts and uncertainty in regards to your spouse. Don’t let issues fester.
Biggest surprise of the year; make-over time. Your personal appearance will be going through an incredible metamorphosis. Love it!

Wishing you a lovely 2012!

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