A Peek at the Week Ahead! Sunday June 21 2015

Sunday June 21 2015

Dear Sunshine Horoscopes Reader, hope this missive finds you alive and kickin’!

So how’s your life going? If you’ve been dragging your feet in the mud, today is going to change all that! So what’s going on you say? It’s summer solstice bro aka time to get your groove on! The very special vibrations you’ll receive are laced with abundance, joie de vivre and if you’re ready for it – a little summer lovin’! So please step outside, smile & let the good times roll –

On Monday & Tuesday life hits you on the head real fast. Don’t you hate it when the first person you meet says Man you look tired! Even if you were feeling fine those words drag you down to a very ugly place, where miserable people project their insecurities on others, yes my friend I’m talking about the workplace! Protecting your awesome mojo from the vampires out there is a must! Don’t believe everything you hear is also on the menu. Wear your cool Marley headphones, execute tasks to the best of your ability & don’t sweat the small stuff –

Wednesday & Friday you stumble into someone you haven’t seen in a very long time, that’s right it’s Cupid! Doesn’t he look hot now that he’s clean & sober? Instead of apologizing to ya, he’s actually going to do something noteworthy like introducing you to an amazing person. I don’t know if this hottie is from the same rehab facility or what. You’ll have to find this out for yourself. That being said, time to open your mind & let go of judgment. Don’t let your Ego get in the way of potential romance –

On Friday & Saturday, I see your friends looking all over town for ya. They look stressed out and worried. They should of texted me ‘cuz I would of told ‘em where you are. Camping in the middle of the forest, disconnected from it all, yet feeling so in tune with what matters most, mind, body & soul. The insights you receive fill your heart with hope. And the beat goes on –

Over & Out.


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A Peek at the Week Ahead! Sunday June 14 2015

Sunday June 14 2015

Dear Sunshine Horoscopes Reader, hope this missive finds you alive n’ kickin!

So what’s shakin’? The vibe right now is all about the arrival of the New Moon Tuesday morning. It’s as if you’re waking up from a long period of hibernation. Life is awaiting & you can’t wait to throw your hat in the ring! All of a sudden you become much more alive. As a matter of fact, your brain is on fire, making you oh so curious. An exciting new venture pops up on your path and of course you’re all in! To breakdown your mega-project into manageable steps, why don’t you commit to small daily objectives? If not, I see you spinning your wheels in the mud. You certainly don’t want to be all talk & no action bro –

The perfect plan can’t move forward if you don’t address the dust on your soul. Wednesday & Thursday are perfect days for much needed housekeeping. Put your big panties on and call your mom or is it your ex-colleague — and settle the madness once & for all. Be the bigger person here. Wanting to be right is obstructing the healing process. Once you get grievances off your chest, you’ll feel like a million bucks guaranteed –

Did you actually follow my advice? ‘Cuz on Friday & Saturday I see you chipper as heck! Btw who is the hottie by your side? #Meow Obviously someone is moving on up in the world! Your positive attitude gives you wings, so fly high son. Now is time to chase your dreams until you pass out from exhaustion. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, flash your sexy smile as much as you can & keep on marching towards the welcoming rays of the Summer Soltice! #Yes

Over & Out.


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A Peek at the Week Ahead! Sunday June 07 2015

Sunday June 08 2015

Dear Sunshine Horoscopes Reader, hope this missive finds you alive n’ kickin’!

So how’s your life going? Boy you look hot in that trendy dress buddy! It certainly takes courage to step into the world & strut your stuff with so much flair & self-confidence. How do you do it? This is simply who I am you say. And off you go with that wise Mona Lisa smile – This is your story for today Sunday. You stretch boundaries, break a few rules & refuse to conform to the boring norm. Expressing your individuality is a must!

Monday & Tuesday real life hits you on the head real fast. It happens when you’re still in bed. You just woke-up and you’re scrolling down your Instagram feed. That’s when you see unauthorized pics of your Sunday outing. Looks like the haters are having a field day at your expense! Yikes is right. Wearing your shiny shield of protection over the next 48 hours is an absolute must. Energy vampires are everywhere & because you wear your heart on your sleeve, you’re an easy target baby. Listen to the only voice that really matters. Yours. You’ve got this –

On Wednesday & Thursday you dust yourself off & start fighting for your life! You refuse to take any crap from anyone. Especially from family members. You have a clear vision of what you want. You are so done wasting time. If you’ve been tongue-tied for the past few weeks, you now express yourself with much clarity. In fact you can’t stop gabbin’.Good for you for sharing so eloquently your deepest thoughts–

You are now ready to celebrate life on your own terms and that’s exactly what you do Friday & Saturday! Wow what a beautiful feast you’ve prepared, nice. Everything is organic & gluten-free you say. Btw are those your famous magical brownies? Yummy –

Over & Out.


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A Peek at the Week Ahead! Sunday May 31 2015

Sunday May 31 2015

Dear Sunshine Horoscopes Reader, hope this missive finds you alive & kickin’!

So how’s your life going? I just started a new job where I commune with the bounty of Mother Earth every day! Very cool indeed. So how’s Mercury retrograde treating ya? Did you get a speeding ticket too? Anyways guys, because I’m only human, words today are from my monthly horoscopes!

Hope you enjoy your meal served below –

Over & Out.


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Without further ado –

Monthly Horoscopes for June 2015


















Cosmic words — Monthly Horoscope June 2015 — Aries

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Here we go …

Dear Friend, I invite you to take a deep long look at the elements of your current environment. This month is about blasting your quotidian to smithereens! The image of Wile E. Coyote pushing down the lever of ACME explosives comes to mind. Unlike him though, your actions have a very positive outcome, especially in regards to your mental health. You definitely have a blast being in the driver’s seat again, that’s 4-sure! Love how you swiftly eliminate the sources of many unnecessary headaches. Once you complete your homework – lovely planet Venus steps in to get your heart pumping again. Lots of action ahead! #Meow