Dear Aquarius,

Secretly I wish I were you. Aquarians are the ultimate Trendsetters of the Zodiac. You are creative with a capital C! Thinking out of the box comes naturally to you. You blaze new trails with confidence and gumption. The Water Bearer lives life without fear of getting burned, a philosophy that lends itself to success. Love it! By the same token, your incendiary ways leave co-workers/friends/family burnt to a crisp. Apologizing profusely and making amends keeps you out of the dog house. Flowers are a nice touch also.

Trending for you in 2012; Setting your own rules and a flourishing home life.
What to watch out for; Rose coloured glasses in regards to personal assets or finances.
Biggest surprise of the new year; Getting rid of secrets and wiping your slate clean. Like it or not your authentic self is coming out, warts and all. As a result, a huge burden will be lifted off your shoulders. Be prepared to feel awesome and light as a feather.

Wishing you a fantastic 2012!

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